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This is our Plym Lodge Guest House page, We have listed the address of Plym Lodge as well as phone numbers and website and reviews. Plym Lodge is in Plymouth, Plym Lodge offers accommodation in Plymouth and guesthouse's in Plymouth.

Plym Lodge Map:
Plym Lodge
Plym Lodge
Boringdon Road
Plymouth, PL7 4DZ
Phone: 01752 336217


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    Catherine J Hayes on 25 Mar 2009
    This B & B is excellent. The owner is extremely friendly and obliging. We stayed in a beautiful room, furnished to a high standard and impeccably clean. The breakfast was plentiful and fresh. Nothing was too much trouble and we were even permitted to leave our expensive bicycles in the house for security. This is a perfect location for visiting the Dartmoor, as we did, and visit the city centre a few miles away. Highly recommended.
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    Tumbleweed on 08 Aug 2007
    The service at this bed and breakfast was as abysmal as the bedroom was bizarre and, along with the appalling breakfast, simply made a mockery of the term B&B. It would be better called an ampersand because both the B\'s would fall foul of trade descriptions. Avoid. Upon arrival, we were met, not with a smile or friendly welcome, but by the irritable question \'are you my guests?\', as if we might simply have turned up on the doorstep to sell double glazing. This was followed by some story about why, being the last to arrive, and because last weeks guest had put their foot through the bath, we were to be consigned to the basement room with an unfinished bathroom. No apology, and no offer of a reduced board for taking the second rate sleeping quarters. Although of grandiose proportions, this stark basement bar area turned bedroom lacked any of the usual refinements. Mirrored walls made a vain attempt to make up for the scarcity of natural light, cold white linoleum floor, the remains of a mirror ball on the ceiling and mirrored pillars in the centre of the room left the place looking more like a cheap karaoke bar than a bedroom. At least we didn\'t fight over the mirror in the morning. The only items of furniture to give an indication that this was actually a sleeping quarter was the musty smelling double bed at the far end of this enormous space and two unmade single beds down the side of the room. Tea was provided, but no milk, so unless you like it black, you\'ll have to do without. The tiny television was so far from the bed that extension leads had to be procured to bring it within viewing range. Even then, it was still too far away for the remote control to work. Not that it mattered because it only received two channels and hence, little channel surfing was necessitated. Romantics among you, don\'t expect too much privacy as the freestanding blind in front of the glass door at the entrance to the basement was far too short, providing a front row seat for any peeping Tom that may be lurking amongst Plympton\'s locals. The en suite bathroom had a brand new but cheap white suite, and still managed to look tired with broken floor tiles, and unfinished bath tiling. The knobs on the electric shower had been installed incorrectly making it almost impossible to work out how to set properly. Toilet roll was in short supply and non-existent shower gel, shampoo or tissues, left us wishing we\'d brought our own. Vegetarians beware, for when we informed our hostess, she oddly asked if we wanted any breakfast at all. As though abstinence from meat somehow implied that we didn\'t eat at all. We provided our own veggie sausages for her to cook with our breakfast and let her know we\'d be there at 0830. 0830 and she was knocking on our bedroom door to inform us that breakfast was ready. Never mind the fact we might have liked a leisurely cup of tea and bowl of cereal first. We were shown to an untidy dining area and placed at a table pushed into the corner and sat facing the wall like naughty schoolchildren, in spite of the fact there would have been plenty of room to bring the table into the room. Breakfast arrived, lukewarm and covered in cat hair. Stale bread had been poorly disguised by a quick toasting, and what had been our veggie sausages were microwaved to sludge. A request for more orange juice was met by scowls and we left hurriedly. Having decided to ask for a discount from the quoted 50, I was told upon paying, that it would actually be 60 because we\'d only stayed one night and she could have had people in for three nights if it weren\'t for us. When I refused I was asked if I thought 60 was expensive and I promptly replied that yes, for a substandard accommodation it was expensive, at which our hostess took great offence. We eventually agreed on the originally quoted 50, but it felt like robbery after the nightmare of our one night stay. I\'ve spent 7 years travelling with work, stayed in more B&B\'s and hotels than you can shake a stick at, and can honestly say, this is the worst.

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